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Docker image with ubuntu 16.04 + php + all services & tools
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Shippable CI image for PHP on Ubuntu 16.04. Available PHP versions:

  1. PHP 7.1.26
  2. PHP 7.2.15
  3. PHP 7.3.2

Each PHP version is installed with php-build and managed with phpenv. Several PHP extensions are also available out of the box. Unless otherwise noted, the latest version of the extension at the time the image was built is what is available in the image:

  1. PHP 7.1.26, PHP 7.2.15 and 7.3.2

    • amqp
    • bzip
    • intl
    • memcached
    • redis
    • zmq

u16phpall Docker Hub repo: drydock/u16phpall


This image is built on top of u16all .Please check there for a list of all the services.

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