Kingbash - menu driven auto-completion
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Kingbash - menu driven auto-completion

from the discussion thread at

There once was archlinux user kokoko3k who posted on 2010-07-14: "One of the things i really missed from my glorious amigaos system was the kingcon terminal emulator (![KingCON Screenshot][1],[2]). It featured a simple and useful file browser when autocompletion was requested." Thus, he posted a script for similar use, written in gambas.

A day later, fellow user Procyon followed up with a python version which he kept working on until he stated that he had "actually started working on a minimal rewrite in bash, because the python script is huge and I don't understand it at all anymore. I hope it will be faster too."

Then on 2013-01-24, he posted the first version of it, followed by several updates on the same thread. Beginning of 2014, a git repository was set up for KingBash to enable distributed development and issue tracking. The commit entries have been quoted from the respective posts.

You are invited to fork this, post issues and implement features as you see fit.

KingCON 1.3 (1994-06-01, for m68k-amigaos): KingCON Screenshot: