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Python script for Run Tracker web app
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Emily's Run Tracker

Run tracker web app link:

My Run Tracker front-end is made with LoneJS; a front-end JavaScript framework created by Bob Main. Please visit the LoneJS GitHub repository to learn how to get started on your own single-page application.

How was Run Tracker conceived?

As an avid runner and data nerd, I felt a need to track my progress. I downloaded a GPS Tracker on my iPhone, and I track each run individually. The data given are elevation, latitude and longitude, time, date, miles ran per hour and fastest pace ran. I decided to build Run Tracker app to give a kinder interface to display just the information I thought was important.


  • python3
  • ES6 (SPA framework LoneJS)
  • myJSON

I hadn't worked with Python before this project, but I found it to be a really pleasant experience and I hope to work with it more in the future. The iPhone app allows for exports in .gpx format to a folder on my machine, from there I wrote a Python method which extracted each .gpx file individually, parsed through the data I wanted, and I created an API around this data.

This data was then spit through myJSON to host the data that Python was creating for me, and then plopped onto the front-end of my loneJS web app for easy viewing.

If you're interested in the Tracker app I use, here it is: Minimalist GPS Tracker

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