@pfrenssen pfrenssen released this Jul 27, 2018 · 1664 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

New features

  • ISAICP-4498: Moderators can now filter the list of users by collection owners and facilitators.


  • ISAICP-4474: Provide additional information in notification messages if an action is taken outside of a user's control.
  • ISAICP-4560: Links are no longer shown in the content of a tile, these were too difficult to click on mobile devices.
  • ISAICP-4588: Include a link to reset the password in the user creation e-mail.
  • ISAICP-4631: Ensure that tiles always have the same height so they line up nicely.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4393: It is no longer possible for moderators to remove all owners of a collection, leaving the collection orphaned.
  • ISAICP-4407: It is no longer possible to move the main pages of a collection (Overview, About and Members) outside of the menu root.
  • ISAICP-4558: ADMS redirect was leading to a non-existing path for the CPSV namespace document.
  • ISAICP-4619: The "three dots menu" is no longer overlapping with the collection text on collection landing pages.
  • ISAICP-4625: Fixed graphic distortion on tiles for the Tallinn collection.

Technical tasks

  • ISAICP-4540: Run automated tests for the RDF Entity module on Travis CI.
  • ISAICP-4633: Autocomplete tests were failing due to a change in the MinkSelenium2Driver package.