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Editorconfig Core Go

A Editorconfig file parser and manipulator for Go.

Missing features


We recommend the use of Go 1.13+ modules for this package.

Import by the same path. The package name you will use to access it is editorconfig.

import ""


Parse from file

fp, err := os.Open("path/to/.editorconfig")
if err != nil {
defer fp.Close()

editorConfig, err := editorconfig.Parse(fp)
if err != nil {

Parse from slice of bytes

data := []byte("...")
editorConfig, err := editorconfig.ParseBytes(data)
if err != nil {

Get definition to a given filename

This method builds a definition to a given filename. This definition is a merge of the properties with selectors that matched the given filename. The lasts sections of the file have preference over the priors.

def := editorConfig.GetDefinitionForFilename("my/file.go")

This definition have the following properties:

type Definition struct {
	Selector string

	Charset                string
	IndentStyle            string
	IndentSize             string
	TabWidth               int
	EndOfLine              string
	TrimTrailingWhitespace *bool
	InsertFinalNewline     *bool
	Raw                    map[string]string

Automatic search for .editorconfig files

If you want a definition of a file without having to manually parse the .editorconfig files, you can then use the static version of GetDefinitionForFilename:

def, err := editorconfig.GetDefinitionForFilename("foo/bar/baz/my-file.go")

In the example above, the package will automatically search for .editorconfig files on:

  • foo/bar/baz/.editorconfig
  • foo/baz/.editorconfig
  • foo/.editorconfig

Until it reaches a file with root = true or the root of the filesystem.

Generating a .editorconfig file

You can easily convert a Editorconfig struct to a compatible INI file:

// serialize to slice of bytes
data, err := editorConfig.Serialize()
if err != nil {

// save directly to file
err := editorConfig.Save("path/to/.editorconfig")
if err != nil {


To run the tests:

go test -v ./...

To run the integration tests:

make test-core