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list_delete Function Rename #5

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Trac Data
Ticket 5
Reported by BarkerJr
Status closed
Component Build process
Priority trivial
Milestone 1.6.20
Keywords mysql
Version 1.6.20

With version 5.0.0, MySQL decided to add a function called list_delete to its
headers. Unfortunately, this makes it so mysql.mod fails to compile, as
list_delete also exists in Eggdrop.

In file included from /usr/include/mysql/mysql.h:62,
from ../mysql.mod/mysql_mod.h:34,
from ../mysql.mod/mysql.c:24:
/usr/include/mysql/my_list.h:32: error: conflicting types for list_delete'
../../../src/users.h:40: error: previous declaration of

In this, I request that list_delete be renamed to egg_list_delete . For now,
I'll provide a patch with my module, but that kind of defeats the purpose of
using a module.

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