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CDK-GPL The Chemistry Development Kit GPL extension
Copyright 2008-2011 The CDK Development Team
License: GPL v2, see doc/gpl.license

1. Introduction

You are currently reading the README file for the Chemistry Development Kit GPL extension (CDK-GPL).
This project is hosted under
Please refer to these pages for updated information and the latest version of the CDK-GPL.

The CDK is an open-source library of algorithms for structural chemo- and bioinformatics, implemented in 
the programming language Java(tm). The library is published under terms of the the 
GNU General Public License. This has implications on what you can do with sources and
binaries of the CDK library. For details, please refer to the file LICENSE, which should have been
provided with this distribution.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the CDK itself, this library is not LGPL, but GPL. This project is also not the
CDK library itself. This is a separate library, which is based on the CDK and extends it with
code which uses GPL libraries.

2. Compile

> ant dist-all
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