@electron-bot electron-bot released this Dec 7, 2016 · 7792 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • [SECURITY] Fixed an issue where window.alert, window.close, and window.confirm did
    not behave as expected. #8120
  • Fixed an issue where accessing remote objects and functions would fail
    after reloading. #8110
  • Fixed an issue where the KeyboardEvent.key value would be incorrect when Control was pressed
    on Linux using certain keyboard layouts. #8147
  • Fixed an issue where removing a folder from the workspace in the dev tools
    failed. #8086
  • The dialog APIs no longer write values back into the specified options
    object parameter. #8123
  • Fixed an issue where BrowserWindow.fromDevToolsWebContents would throw an
    error. #8144

New APIs


  • Added BrowserWindow.setAutohideCursor to change the setting dynamically.
  • Added BrowserWindow.closeFilePreview to close the Quick Look preview
    previously opened with BrowserWindow.previewFile. #8038
  • Added systemPreferences.setUserDefault to be able to change the user
    preference defaults. #8084
  • Added crashReporter.get/setUploadToServer to dynamically configure the
    setting. Also Renamed the autoSubmit option to uploadToServer in
    crashReporter.start. The old option name is still available for
    backwards-compatibility but will be removed in Electron 2.0. #7952


  • Added BrowserWindow.setAppDetails to configure the properties of the
    window's taskbar button. #7952