C++ GUI for TegraRcmSmash (payload loader for Nintendo Switch)
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C++ GUI for TegraRcmSmash by rajkosto (payload loader for Nintendo Switch)


  • Inject payloads (such as CFW bootloader, Nand/Key Dumper, etc)
  • Manage favorites
  • Run Linux on your switch (ShofEL2)
  • Mount device as USB mass storage (read/write from/to SD card only, hold power button down for 5sec to exit)
  • Option - "Auto inject" : automatically inject payload after selection or/and when the Switch is plugged in RCM mode
  • Option - Minimize app to tray & tray icon's context menu
  • Option - Run app at Windows startup
  • Install APX device driver (if needed)



Latest release (Windows)

Important notice

This UI is Windows-only. For other platforms, you can use :

Issue / Suggestion

Please open new issue to report a bug or submit a suggestion.