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An example REST-like API built with FRAPI
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An Example API using FRAPI

FRAPI is an open source, lightweight framework for building REST-like APIs in PHP. It is actively developed, battle-hardened (aka tested in the real world), and has a strong development community, so it is a logical choice for anyone looking to make a production API.

Unfortunately, the default directory structure that FRAPI comes bundled with has a deep nesting and does not lend itself to being used as a standalone git submodule. The default structure essentially encourages the developer to build their application directly on top of the FRAPI source files, so upgrading FRAPI to a later version can be a bit difficult and often requires manual intervention.

This example frapi application aims to accomplish two goals

  1. Allow the use of frapi as a git submodule so that it can be upgraded to the latest version without interfering with your custom API code.
  2. Demonstrate how a common API can be built using FRAPI.
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