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Personal project with Python 2.7, using the Tkinter package, to create a utility to sort and move files from one storage source to another. Originally created to move photo files from an SD card to a primary and back-up hard drive, sorting the files into sub-directories by file dates.


  • Copy or Move files from one storage source to one or two other destination directories
  • User can specify MoveIt to place files in sub-directories at one or both destinations
    • supports sub-directories of files' creation dates
    • supports a user named sub-directory

First commit is labelled at version 2.1

  • - The primary file to run app
  • - Includes functions to handle copying/moving files and defining source/destination directories.
  • SDpathfile.db - Settings file for the app to save users' usage settings, such as default paths and sorting preferences

Started locally as "SDMover", below includes original documentation

SDMover 0.1.6 Eric Su

REQUIRED FILES:, SDpathfile.db

Copy/Move files from SD card to different directories 'Mode' - Defines if files are copied and where 'dig' - Auto-Dig on or off (searches through directories until an empty one or one with more than one file/folder is found) 'sort' - Will move files into subfolders (currently only with 'date' function)


  • Consolidate all copying, moving and statuses into 'go' function
  • SWAP - switch primary destination and backup to only transfer to secondary destination
  • 'source','primary','backup' keywords to set paths
  • removes spaces in inputs


  • SUB-FOLDER - create subfolder to dump files in destinations, user defined name -'sort' keyword will be in format 'one(both(12)/primary(1)/backup(2)) (folder name)'


  • Reformat 'go' function
  • Dynamic text updates during file transfers
  • Clears menu during file transfer, shows simplified, dynamic text
  • 'clear' to clear out all saved paths
  • Displays subfolder name if declared in 'sort' (currently shows blank bc temporary)
  • 'settings' shows all settings, including disabled features


  • Status updates include (items done)/(total items), # of files not transferred
  • Check if path exists before transferring file
  • Directory selection commands revised to accomodate None return from FindPath()
    • FindPath() revised to allow 'exit'/'quit' command to terminate dir selection
  • Directory selection is screen clearing


  • Compatibility added to copy/move nested directories


Personal project with Python to create a small app to sort and move photo files from an SD card to permanent directories



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