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A gently curated list of companies using Haskell in industry
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A List of companies that use Haskell

This list has been made in collaboration with members of /r/haskell

There is also a similar list for PureScript


If you see a company on the list that doesn't exist anymore, or does not use Haskell anymore, please send a pull request with an explanation. The same goes if you're currently working at, or know a company that uses Haskell but is not on the list. Please include the website, github (if applicable), locations, sector and whether the company allows developers to work remotely.

Many of these companies have some kind of Haskell development, but it is often in one or a few particular teams rather than company-wide.


Some of these companies support remote hires. Where that information is available, it has been indicated in the Remote OK column below. Timezone and/or country restrictions might apply.


Name Location Sector Source Remote OK?
Adjoint USA, MA, Boston Finance Github
Advanced Telematic Systems Germany, Berlin Automotive Github
AlasConnect USA, AK, Anchorage - Fairbanks - Palmer IT/Telecom Github
Alphasheets USA, CA, San Francisco Business software Reddit Contractors
Ambiata Australia, Sydney Marketing Github
Anduril Industries USA, CA, Orange County Computer Vision Haskell-cafe
Applikativ Norway, Stavanger Consulting Reddit
Arbor Networks Australia, Sydney Anti-DDOS Twitter Yes (for similar timezones)
Asahi Net JP ISP Hacker News
Assertible USA SaaS/Monitoring Reddit
Awake Security USA, CA, Sunnyvale Network Security Reddit Yes
Azara USA, CO, Boulder Compliance Reddit Yes
Barclays UK, London Finance Blog
Beautiful Destinations UK, London Travel/Advertising Github
BeeWell USA, NC, Raleigh Health Technology Github
Betterteam Remote Recruiting Github Yes
BIG MOON Japan, Aichi eCommerce/Watch Github
Biocad Russia, Saint Petersburg Pharmaceuticals Job Ad
BNP France, Paris Finance Reddit
ByteAlly India, Chennai Consultancy, Supply Chain Github No
Calabrio Canada, and Vancouver, USA, Minneapolis Customer engagement Website
Capital Match Singapore Finance FunctionalJobs
CBA Australia, Sydney Finance Github
CentralApp Belgium, Brussels Web/SaaS Website Yes (for similar timezones)
Channable The Netherlands, Utrecht Marketing Github
Chordify NL, Utrecht Music Reddit
CircuitHub UK, USA/London, MA Manufacturing/Consulting Github
CJ Affiliate USA, CA, Los Angeles/Santa Barbara/Westlake Village Marketing GitHub Job Posting No
Clearmatics UK, London Finance Blog Yes
Co-Star USA, NY, New York Astrology Reddit No
CollegeVine USA, MA, Cambridge Education Jobs, GitHub, Blog Yes (US only)
Data61 Australia, Multiple locations Research Github
Databrary USA, NY, New York Research Data Job Ad
Dfinity Switzerland, USA/Zug, CA, Palo Alto Blockchain Research Reddit
Digital Asset USA, Hungary, Australia, Switzerland Finance Reddit
Facebook UK, London Advertising Blog
Factis Research Germany, Freiburg Medicare Github
Fairvioo France, Paris E-commerce/Social Job Ad Norway, Oslo Online Classified Ads Blog No
Folq Norway, Oslo Staffing Github No
Formation USA, CA, San Francisco Analytics/Marketing Github Old GitHub Some
FP Complete Remote Consulting/Training Github Yes
Freckle Education (formerly Front Row) USA, CA, San Francisco Education Github Yes
FretLink France, Paris Logistics/Transportation Reddit
Fugue USA, DC, Washington Automation ?
Futurice Finland, Helsinki Software Github No
Galois USA, Oregon, Portland Consulting/Research ?
GetShop.TV Russia, Moscow ? Reddit
GitHub USA, CA, San Francisco Static Analysis Job Ad Yes
Grafted-In USA, MI, Grand Blanc Custom dev and online marketing GitHub
Groq USA, OR, USA; Portland, CA, Mountain View Machine learning hardware & compiler Job Posting Some
Habito UK, London Finance Job Posting No
Hasura India, Bangalore Developer tools Job Posting Yes
Health eFilings USA, WI, Madison Healthcare GitHub Yes
Helium USA, CA, Mountain View ? ?
Henry Labs Sweden, Stockholm Project Management Job Ad
Hercules Labs Remote CI/CD SaaS GitHub Yes
Holland & Hart USA, Co, Boulder Law ?
Holmusk Singapore Health Reddit
Hornet Security Germany, Hanover/Berlin ? Github
Hotwirestudios Germany, Dortmund ? ?
IMVU USA, CA, Silicon Valley 3D Chat Github
Inchora UK, Farnbrough/London Rental market Github Yes
Indicatrix Australia, QLD, Brisbane SaaS Github
IOHK Remote Blockchain research Github Yes
Iris Connect UK, Brighton ? ? ?
ITProTV USA, FL, Gainesville eLearning Reddit Some
JP Morgan USA, NYC, Brooklyn Finance Reddit
Kadena USA, NY, Brooklyn Finance Reddit Some cases
Karamaan Group USA, NY, New York Finance ?
Kaspersky Lab Russia, Moscow Security/AV ?
Keera Studios UK; Spain Consulting, Mobile Apps, Game Programming Github Yes
Kitty Hawk USA, CA, Mountain View ? ? ?
KSF Media Finland, Helsinki Media Github
Layer 3 USA, Georgia, Atlanta Network Security Github Yes
Leap Year USA, Berkeley ? ? ?
Liquid Democracy e.V. Germany, Berlin ? ? ?
Lumi USA, CA, Los Angeles Packaging Stack Overflow Yes
Lumiguide Netherlands, Nijmegen Smart cities Github
MackeyRMS USA, MA, Boston Financial research SaaS Twitter No
MailOnline UK, London Media Github
Mercury USA, CA, San Francisco Finance Reddit
Metrix Financial Reporting Solutions Germany, Hamburg ? ? ?
Monad Finland, Tampere Software Website ?
Monadfix Multiple locations Consulting/Training Website Yes
Monic USA, NY, New York Consulting Reddit
Myrtle Software UK, Cambridge AI, hardware ? No
NEC New Zealand Smart City Reddit
NoRedInk USA, CA, San Francisco eLearning Github
nStack UK, London SaaS/Analytics Github
Numerai USA, CA, San Francisco Finance Github
Obsidian Systems USA, NY, New York Consulting Github Some cases
Oracle Labs Remote Blockchain research Github
Permutive UK, London Analytics Job Ad
Picus Security Turkey, Ankara Information security Github
Plow Technologies USA, OK, Oklahoma City Automation Github
Position Development USA, NY, New York Consulting Github No
Prezi Hungary, Budapest ? ? ?
Proda UK, London Property data Job ad (GCache if it goes) Potential
RELEX Solutions Finland, Helsinki Logistics planning Reddit No
S&P Global Denver. India - Gurgaon, Boston, USA - New York Finance Functional Jobs HN Github No
Saltation Germany, Bielefeld ? ? ?
Scrive Sweden, Stockholm eSigning Github Yes
SEEK Australia, Melbourne ? ? ?
Seller Labs USA, GA, Athens E-Commerce Github
Sentenai USA, MA, Boston IoT / Databases Github Angellist Negotiable
Serokell Russia, Sankt-Petersburg Consulting, research Github Yes
Siemens Convergence Creators Austria, Vienna ? ? ?
Simply RETS USA, TX, Houston SaaS (Real Estate) ?
SimSpace USA, MA, Boston Computer Security Github AngelList Yes (US/CA/Mexico)
Skedge USA, NY, New York ? ?
Soostone USA, NY, New York Analytics / Artificial Intelligence Github Yes
SQream Technologies Israel, Tel Aviv ? ? ?
StackBuilders Ecuador, USA/Quito, NYC ? ? ?
Stage N/Unison USA, MA, Boston ? ? ?
Standard Chartered UK/Singapore ? ? ?
Stilo Canada, Ottawa ? ? ?
SumAll USA, NY, New York Artificial Intelligence Reddit Yes
Superpowers Corp USA, CO, Boulder Software Some cases
Swift Navigation USA, CA, San Francisco GNSS Software Github
Symbiont USA, NY, New York Private Blockchain Github No
Systor Vest Norway, Stavanger ? ? ?
Target (Data Science and Optimization) USA Retail ? Yes
Tesla USA, CA, Palo Alto Automotive Reddit
The UNIX Man Consulting USA Consulting Reddit
ThoughtLeadr USA; Worldwide, TX, Austin Advertisement/Analytics Github Yes
Tocoman Finland, Helsinki Planning software Reddit
Tracsis UK, Leeds Railway Timetabling Job Ad No
Trigram Norway, Stavanger Language Processing Reddit
Tripshot USA, OR/Remote, Portland Logistics planning Github with US work permit
Tsuru Capital Japan, Tokyo Finance Github Reddit
TVision Insights USA, MA, Boston Television/Advertising Github
Tweag France, Paris HPC Research Github Yes
Typeable Russia, Moscow Travel/Software Github
Typelead India, Bangalore Programming Language (Eta) Github USA, CA, San Francisco Data analytics Reddit
Urbint USA, NY, New York Infrastructure planning Github
Vacation Labs India, Goa Travel/Saas Reddit Yes
Vente Privée France, Paris Sales Reddit
Well-Typed UK, London Consulting Github
Wire Swiss Switzerland Chat Github
Wrinkl USA, NYC/Philadelphia Messaging Job Ad Yes
Xoken Labs India, Bangalore Blockchain, Identity Github Yes
Zalando Germany, Berlin Online fashion store Github No
Zoomin Software Israel, Tel Aviv SaaS Reddit
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