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An automatic dark mode adaptation of the Poole theme for Jekyll.
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You can see a live demo of Noir:


First you will need to setup your Ruby environment and add the Jekyll and Bundler gems to it.

Detailed instructions for getting Ruby setup can be found here and the installation guide for Jekyll can be found here. Bundler makes managing Jekyll sites a lot easier and you can learn how to install that gem here (this theme’s installation guide uses Bundler).

Once that’s done it’s time for the fun part. Don’t even bother with the jekyll new site command, I am going to provide a more foolproof way so that you don’t wind up in dependencies hell.

  1. Download the latest release (NOT the ZIP archive of the latest commit made, the latest release asset) of this repository and copy the files into a new directory where you want your site’s configuration files to live.
  2. In your terminal or command prompt cd into the new directory you just made for those files.
  3. Run the command: bundle install as this will install all of the dependencies I have named in Gemfile.lock.
  4. Test that the site can be built with no issues, run the command: bundle exec jekyll serve and view the site by navigating to in your web browser.
  5. If all is working fine you can begin customizing your site by making changes to _config.yml.

If you have any problems that arise I am glad to help you as much as I can. You can open a new issue, reach out to me on Twitter or email me at the address found inside of _config.yml. I welcome your feedback and requests as well.

Thank you for your interest in Noir!

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