Meta Imageboard Client
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Everychan Android

Everychan Android (Meta Imageboard Client) is an application for browsing imageboards.

Building Source Code


Using Ant

Open the source code directory and run (in the command line):

ant -Dsdk.dir=/path/to/android-sdk -Dndk.dir=/path/to/android-ndk debug

The .apk file (bin/Everychan-debug.apk) will be signed with the debug key.

Note for Windows platforms:
NDK path cannot contain any spaces but you can use the short name of the path (example: C:\Program FilesC:\PROGRA~1). The short directory name can be found using dir /x (example: dir /x c:\)

Using Eclipse with ADT

Just import the project into your workspace (File → Import → Android → Existing Android code into workspace → select the folder).

Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA/Gradle

You may use Android Studio/IntelliJ IDEA at your own risk. The gradle build script is included.


Everychan Android is licensed under the GPLv3.