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ORM for Node.js written in CoffeeScript.

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Thanks for stopping by. Not much to see here yet. It's getting there though.
Still interested? Keep reading.

Norm is an ORM for Node.js written in CoffeeScript.

I recently started a daily commute on the Long Island Railroad so I had some time
to kill. Figured this was as good a way as any.

What does Norm do?
So far it just supports querying and persistence of objects. I found
inspiration in Mongoid when designing the API. There is support for postgresql
and mysql.

What will Norm do eventually?
Norm will include, at the very least, associations and validations. I've got
very simple migrations in place for setting up the test environment so that
might end up in the mix as well. Finally, what good would an ORM be if it didn't
support a nice variety of databases? I'm gonna try and make that super easy to do.
Once I finish this stuff, I'm gonna box it up for npm and ship it.

Wanna help?
Let me know.
I love criticism. Keep it productive though, I'm sensitive. If it's not obvious
from the code, I'm coming from Ruby and Rails. If I've violated some
node.js/javascript/coffeescript idiom or best practice tell me and I'll fix it.
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