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This is the repository of the website It is hosted directly from the repository as a GitHub Pages website.

Local Setup

To preview the website locally:

  1. Install Ruby and Bundler if you don't have them already.

  2. Install the jekyll-redirect-from gem:

$ gem install jekyll-redirect-from
  1. cd to the repository directory and run the following command:
$ cd
$ bundle install

Bundler will look in the Gemfile for which gems to install. The github-pages gem includes the same version of Jekyll and other dependencies as used by GitHub Pages, so that your local setup mirrors GitHub Pages as closely as possible.

Run Jekyll using the following command:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Then, load http://localhost:4000/ on your browser.


Jekyll uses a variant of Markdown known as Kramdown.

Jekyll uses the Liquid template engine for templating.

You can use fenced code blocks for JavaScript; for example:

var express = require('express');
var app = express();

The default GitHub Pages syntax highlighting has been disabled in `_config.yml to allow highlighting with prism.js.


Feel free to make changes to the template files or the document files. The supporting docs are located in their respective directories, and the API docs are located under the _includes directory.

Please see the Contributors' Guide for more information on contributing to the documentation, including information on contributing translations.

Why use Jekyll instead of an Express-based solution?

Jekyll comes built-in with GitHub Pages. Since we are already using GitHub Pages to host the website, it makes sense to leverage the capabilities it provides. It's all about using the right tool, for the right job, under the right circumstances.