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To upgrade your application:

  1. Delete your node_modules directory
  2. Open your package.json file
  3. Update react-vr, react-vr-web, and ovrui to "~2.0.0"
  4. Update react to "16.0.0"
  5. Update react-native to "~0.48.0"
  6. Update three to "^0.87.0"
  7. Reinstall your dependencies with npm install or yarn
  8. Update your rn-cli.config.js file to replace
var blacklist = require('./node_modules/react-native/packager/blacklist');


var blacklist = require('metro-bundler/src/blacklist');

This release adds support for glTF, including animations and custom shaders, and improves support for the forthcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets! Also included are a variety of performance improvements and bugfixes to improve your development experience. Under the hood, dependencies like React Native and Three.js have been updated as well.