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@flarnie flarnie released this 13 Jun 18:01

15.6.0 (June 13, 2017)


  • Downgrade deprecation warnings to use console.warn instead of console.error. (@flarnie in #9753)
  • Add a deprecation warning for React.createClass. Points users to create-react-class instead. (@flarnie in #9771)
  • Add deprecation warnings and separate module for React.DOM factory helpers. (@nhunzaker in #8356)
  • Warn for deprecation of React.createMixin helper, which was never used. (@aweary in #8853)

React DOM

  • Add support for CSS variables in style attribute. (@aweary in #9302)
  • Add support for CSS Grid style properties. (@ericsakmar in #9185)
  • Fix bug where inputs mutated value on type conversion. (@nhunzaker in #9806)
  • Fix issues with onChange not firing properly for some inputs. (@jquense in #8575)
  • Fix bug where controlled number input mistakenly allowed period. (@nhunzaker in #9584)
  • Fix bug where performance entries were being cleared. (@chrisui in #9451)

React Addons

  • Fix AMD support for addons depending on react. (@flarnie in #9919)
  • Fix isMounted() to return true in componentWillUnmount. (@mridgway in #9638)
  • Fix react-addons-update to not depend on native Object.assign. (@gaearon in #9937)
  • Remove broken Google Closure Compiler annotation from create-react-class. (@gaearon in #9933)
  • Remove unnecessary dependency from react-linked-input. (@gaearon in #9766)
  • Point react-addons-(css-)transition-group to the new package. (@gaearon in #9937)