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summary DNS entries needed for mirror hosts

This is provided for entities that donate (hosts, VMs, etc), but leave actual management over to jfesler. This should also be a good guide for people setting up their own mirrors under their own administrative domain.

This is not a replacement for InstallDNS, if you happen to be fully fitting out a mirror without jfesler taking over.

Single host example

DNS entries, subject to your branding approval:

IPv4 and IPv6 (primary addresses):

Server #1: one IPv4 (A) IP, one IPv6 (AAAA) IP, with multiple names mapped to those two IPs

test-ipv6.example.com   A     
ipv4.test-ipv6.example.com A
ipv6.test-ipv6.example.com AAAA
ds.test-ipv6.example.com A and AAAA
ns1.test-ipv6.example.com AAAA
v6ns.test-ipv6.example.com  NS ns1.test-ipv6.example.com.