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If you wish to run your own mirror of, that's great!
Our files are published using anonymous rsync-over-ssh. Anonymous means you don't need an account.

Tarballs are no longer published. If there is a demand, I'll revisit this. Looking at the access logs, there appears to be little need for these; and they are currently a burden to maintain.

Developers planning on making changes (or forking the code) are welcome to clone and build from github. Pull requests are welcome.

About the Distributions

Package Notes Links
mod_ip This is the Apache module needed for running the site. InstallModIP
content This is the content we serve end users - html, css, js. InstallContent
mtu1280d Emulates a Path MTU of 1280 for the PMTUD test. InstallPMTUD
extras Chart generation, possibly future utilities that don't need frequent updates. InstallCharts

About the Branches

Branch Notes
stable This is the branch that most people should track. This will be updated with the main web site. StayCurrent
test Generally, you'll only use this when asked for testing a new feature.

Using rsync

This is the highly preferred option for anyone not developing on this project.

Using rsync to download the full project into one place:

mkdir $HOME/falling-sky
rsync -av $HOME/falling-sky/.

Using rsync to download directory to the virtual host location

# Content goes directly to the virtual host directory
mkdir /var/www/
rsync -av /var/www/

# The other distibrutions 
mkdir $HOME/falling-sky
rsync -av $HOME/falling-sky/.
rsync -av $HOME/falling-sky/.

Staying current is important. Consider this in your crontab. This syntax represents a personal crontab; adjust if you're putting it into /etc/crontab .

% crontab -e 
#  Update the mirror site every hour, at 30 minutes past the hour.
#  Please pick any number besides 30 - spread the load out on the master server.
30 * * * * rsync -aq --exclude site --delete /var/www/


Alternately, you can track the source via github. This method will require building the final files. This assumes you have developer skills; not much handholding. This is actually a PITA; only bother if you plan on contributing changes. You can find the repository urls at .