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We.Bet is an app that allows users to share a social experience that revolves around prop bets.

Mission Statement

Our lives are lived in moments. looks to glorify the fun and fleeting moments friends share around a friendly wager. Humanity expose its true heart when good friends make low stakes bets: we are courageous; we are intelligent; we are willing to dive into uncertainty and be irrational. We do this together and at odds all at once. That’s an amazing way to make true connections, and every decision WeBet makes should revolve around putting that bond to another into the palm of anyone’s hand.


We.Bet is our capstone project of Dev Boot Camp's 18 week immersive web development curriculum. In less than a week, 3 fellow Dev Bootcamp students and myself took an idea from conception to a functional web and mobile application. The fun part about this project is that we had to learn several new technologies from the ground up that are not part of DBC's curriculum. The technologies we used:

  • Meteor Javascript Web Application Framework
  • MongoDB
  • Foundation
  • Cordova

My Contributions

My role in the project was to learn MongoDB and develop the backend for our application. I was responsible to figure out and understand Meteor's publish-subscribe pattern to transfer the correct information from our database to the front end.

Group Members

[Team Lead: Nick Mascia] (

[Kevin Kwon] (

[Clifton Fete] (


A mobile app to place prop bets with friends. Built with MeteorJS and Cordova.




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