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OpenCLAda - An Ada binding for the OpenCL host API


This is OpenCLAda, a thick Ada binding for the OpenCL host API. This binding enables you to write OpenCL hosts in Ada. It does not enable you to write OpenCL kernels in Ada.


OpenCLAda currently supports MacOSX, Linux and Windows. You need to have

  • a GNAT compiler
  • an OpenCL implementation
  • optionally OpenGLAda (if you want to use the cl_gl extension)

available on your system. GNAT GPL Edition is available at the AdaCore website. OpenCL is usually available from your hardware vendor. On MacOSX, it's already part of the operating system. On Windows, you'll need an OpenCL.lib file to link against. This is usually not part of the OpenCL implementation, but can be acquired as part of an SDK from your hardware vendor (eg the AMD APP SDK).

OpenGLAda is required for OpenCL's cl_gl extension. Just download its source and make sure the path to opengl.gpr is included in the ADA_PROJECT_PATH environment variable. To compile the tests, you also need the GLFW library version 2, which is used for window construction in the cl_gl tests.


On MacOSX and Linux, open a terminal, navigate to the OpenCLAda directory and do:

$ make

On Windows, it could work the same way if you're using MinGW or Cygwin. However, I didn't try either one. Anyway, to compile without make, just do

$ gnatmake -p -Popencl-cl_gl.gpr -XWindowing_System=windows

Note: The variable Windowing_System is shared with OpenGLAda. You have to provide it even when compiling without OpenGL support because it defines the way OpenCLAda links with your system libraries.

On Windows, the compiler needs to find the OpenCL.lib file mentioned above. If you're unsure how to achieve this, just copy it into C:\GNAT\[version]\lib or wherever you installed your GNAT compiler.

Note: The availability of an OpenCL implementation will not be tested when building OpenCLAda. So if you want to make sure that OpenCL is available, build the tests and see if they are linked properly (see below).

If you want to build OpenCLAda without the cl_gl extension, do

$ gprbuild -p -P opencl.gpr -XWindowing_System={windows|quartz|x11}

Note: The makefile does not support switching off cl_gl, because I'm lazy.


OpenCLAda is just a wrapper library and does not include an installation routine. You can just add it to your project.


OpenCLAda comes with some tests (or rather, examples). I wrote them to test some of the basic functionality of the API. You can build them with

$ make tests


$ gnatmake -p -P opencl_test.gpr -XGL_Backend={windows|quartz|x11}

A basic "hello world" example is also included. After compilation, the executables will be located in the bin directory. They can only be executed in the bin directory, as they load some OpenCL kernel files through relative paths.


There is some overview over the OpenCLAda API on the Wiki, which is outdated and will shortly replaced by a new documentation section on the homepage. For more information, please consult the Khronos OpenCL API Registry.


You're welcome to contribute code or file bug reports on the project's page on GitHub.


This code is distributed under the terms of the ISC License, which you can find in the file COPYING.


An Ada binding for the OpenCL host API





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