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#About the Greyhole trash


In Greyhole, the trash is used like the Recycle Bin on Windows, or the Trash on Mac. That means you'll need to manually empty it once in a while.

To do so, use the --empty-trash parameter of the greyhole command.

Another option, detailed below, is to create a Greyhole Trash share. If such a share exists, Greyhole will show you your trash content on that share, which will allow you to see and manage your trash remotely, without having to use a command line.


  • This option was added in version 0.6.28.

  • The share can be named Greyhole Trash, Greyhole Recycle Bin, or Greyhole Attic (case sensitive).

  • You'll need to enable Greyhole on that share, by adding the dfree command and vfs objects directives in the share section of your smb.conf.

  • That share doesn't need to appear in your greyhole.conf, but even if it does, the values specified will simply be ignored, since that share has a special status, and won't be used like other Greyhole share.

  • Only files moved into the trash after you created this share will appear on it, so it's a good idea to empty the trash using the command line, once you created the share.

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