@bastianallgeier bastianallgeier released this Jan 29, 2019 · 47 commits to master since this release

  • Correctly load missing "empty" section mixin
  • Update reference docs links in fatal error screen and error response
  • Fix drag & drop sorting for plugins in Safari
  • Fix missing slash before params in URLs
  • Disable the draft status for home and error pages
  • Fix broken language editing modal
  • Fix broken slug dependency in page blueprint
  • Use the max number of siblings as default sorting number for a status change
  • Fix relative queries in files field
  • Update translations
  • Add Slovak translation
  • Add Polish translation
  • Add Finish translation
  • Add Greek translation
  • Add Spanish translation
  • Add Persian translation
  • Add Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  • Add Czech translation
  • Fix broken Page::isChildOf method when used with page on first level
  • Better error message when the panel cannot connect to the API or a syntax error is thrown in the backend
  • Reimplement lang attribute in (link: ) tag, in url() helper and Url::to() method
  • Fix before and after options for the url previews in structure fields
  • Add proper noscript warning for the panel
  • Fix passing debug option to Panel
  • Fix inserting empty values in number fields
  • Fix Urls for subpages of the home page
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