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Sentry is cross-platform crash reporting built with love
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.tx Explicit source file
api-docs Move system.url-prefix to option
bin Revert "Correct transactional exception scoping"
docs Clarified BROKER_URL docs when needing a password.
hooks Move linters out of setuptools hooks
src/sentry Handle Event/Group on split dbs
tests Add event.timestamp with improved range queries
.coveragerc Better make coverage
.eslintignore More linting fixes
.eslintrc Deprecate custom eslint rules dir for eslint-plugin-getsentry
.gitignore Ship integration docs statically with the build
.gitmodules Imported new docs for federation
.isort.cfg Ensure imports are sorted alphabetically
.mailmap Add .mailmap to fix my commits
.travis.yml Run south migrations in Travis
AUTHORS Add newline to AUTHORS file
LICENSE Clarify license Remove our vendored ua-parser and go back to mainline
Makefile Update docs
README.rst Update some https links in README
TODO more TODO Maintain path (fixes pytest-xdist)
doc-requirements.txt Imported new docs for federation
package.json Use babel-eslint 5.0.0-beta9, remove shrinkwrap
runtests.js Correct get_status
setup.cfg Run south migrations in Travis 8.2.0.dev0
static Initial ported Angular code
tox.ini Add tox.ini
webpack.config.js Merge branch 'js-translations'



Sentry is a modern error logging and aggregation platform.

Sentry is a Server

The Sentry package fundamentally is just a simple server and web UI. It will handle authenticating clients (such as Raven) and all of the logic behind storage and aggregation.

That said, Sentry is not limited to Python. The primary implementation is in Python, but it contains a full API for sending events from any language, in any application.


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