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Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library

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The Google data APIs provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web. Many Google services provide a Google data API.

This library is for Google XML APIs. For JSON APIs, use the Google APIs Client Library for Objective-C for REST.

Each of the following Google services provides a Google Data API supported by this library:

This library should no longer be used for these APIs:

The Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library provides an iPhone static library, a Mac OS X framework, and source code that make it easy to access data through Google Data APIs.

To get started with Google data APIs and the Objective-C Client Library, look at the overview slides, read the introduction and study the example applications.

If you have a problem or want a new feature to be included in the Google Data Objective-C Client Library, please join the discussion group or submit an issue.

Externally-included projects

The library includes code from the separate projects GTM HTTP Fetcher and GTM OAuth 2

Other useful classes for Mac and iPhone developers are available in the Google Toolbox for Mac.