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Database Markup Language (DBML), designed to define and document database structures
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DBML - Database Markup Language

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DBML (database markup language) is a simple, readable DSL language designed to define database structures.

For more information, please check out DBML homepage


  • It is simple, flexible and highly human-readable
  • It is database agnostic, focusing on the essential database structure definition without worrying about the detailed syntaxes of each database
  • Comes with a free, simple database visualiser at


Example of a database definition of a simple blogging site:

Table users {
    id integer
    username varchar
    role varchar
    created_at timestamp

Table posts {
    id integer [primary key]
    title varchar
    body text [note: 'Content of the post']
    user_id integer
    created_at timestamp

Ref: posts.user_id > // many-to-one

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