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angstsmurf Make the legacy glk event handling rulebooks not print linebreaks
This avoids printing to main window during line request when
clicking on graphic links (i.e. the compass rose).
Only the "abide by the glulx mouse input rules" line is necessary
to change, but it doesn't seem to hurt to do the rest as well.
Latest commit 8ea1016 Jul 11, 2018

Counterfeit Monkey

License: CC BY-SA

An Inform 7 game by Emily Short

Cover art

Copyright © 2012-2016 by Emily Short and others

Counterfeit Monkey is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.

Note that this excludes the feelies (the posters); only the images which are complied into the gamefile are licensed. The feelies can be freely redistributed, but not modified.


Counterfeit Monkey is currently being developed in Inform 7 6M62.