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  1. A sonarqube plugin to analyse webmethods flow code

    Java 22 18

  2. Documentation and artefacts to install Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 on a single VMware ESXi host machine.

    Shell 6 8

  3. Generates documentation for webMethods Integration Server packages in a similar PDF format as the standard SAG documentation

    Java 3 4

  4. A custom authentication handler for the WSO2 ESB that checks the JSON Web Token (JWT) passed by the WSO2 API Manager in front of the WSO2 ESB, securing the services exposed by the ESB.

    Java 2 1

  5. Internship project of Brent Swaenen, implementing a weather station, based on an Arduino devkit, that syncs data to Cumulocity over the Orange NB-IoT network.

    C++ 2


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