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iDempiere. Community Powered Enterprise. Full Open Source Business Suite ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS


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iDempiere. Community Powered Enterprise

iDempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/SCM done the community way. Focus is on the Community that includes Subject Matter Specialists, Implementors and End-Users.

Please visit the project front page containing links for most of our resources:

You can have a first-hand experience about the software in one of our live cloud test sites:

If you want to install it by yourself, the most used way is to follow the guide:

In case of doubts please use our support forums at
Or our Mattermost support channel in
Don't forget to check our code of conduct and our contribution guide

If you find a bug or want to register a feature request please consider discussing it first in our forums, and after you're totally sure, please use the JIRA ticketing system:

Continuous integration when changing this repository is managed with Jenkins at