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Default Sub Commands

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Sub-Command Description
setspawn [arena] Sets the player spawn
setlobby [arena] Sets the waiting lobby
setmainlobby Sets the main lobby (join signs are here)
setbounds [arena] [low/high] Sets the boundaries (not needed for all minigames)
savearena [arena] Saves the arena
setmaxplayers [arena] [amount]
setminplayers [arena] [amount]
setarenavip [arena] [true/false] Sets the arena vip only or not
join [arena]
start [arena] Force-start the arena
stop [arena] Force-stop the arena
removearena [arena] Deletes an arena
removespawn [arena] [index] Removes a spawn at given index (e.g. you have two spawns and want to remove one, use 1 as index)
setenabled [arena] [true/false] If set to false players won't be able to join the arena (good for maintenance)
setshowscoreboard [arena] [true/false] Sets whether to show scoreboard in the arena or not
reset [arena] Force-reset the arena
setauthor [arena] [author] Sets the author of the map (will be displayed at each join in the arena)
setauthor [arena] [author] Sets the description of the map (will be displayed at each join in the arena)
leaderboards Shows Points/wins leaderboards
list Lists all arenas
reload Reloads all configs
stats Shows your statistics
setspecspawn [arena] Optionally set a spectator spawn
setlobbybounds [arena] [low/high] Optionally set lobby boundaries
setspecbounds [arena] [low/high] Optionally set extra spectator boundaries (if you don't want spectators to use the default ones)
help Shows the help
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