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<!-- Please do not submit updates to dependencies unless it fixes an
issue. -->

<!-- Please try to limit your pull request to one type (bugfix, feature,
etc). Submit multiple pull requests if needed. -->

## What is the current behavior?
<!-- Please describe the current behavior that you are modifying. -->

Team members often need to update the ground truth screenshots when
validating visual regressions or working on a design change. The command
may be unfamiliar to them or they may be new to the project/playwright.

## What is the new behavior?
<!-- Please describe the behavior or changes that are being added by
this PR. -->

- Adds a new script to the `core` package for updating the local (to the
file system) ground truth screenshots.

## Does this introduce a breaking change?

- [ ] Yes
- [x] No

<!-- If this introduces a breaking change, please describe the impact
and migration path for existing applications below. -->

## Other information

<!-- Any other information that is important to this PR such as
screenshots of how the component looks before and after the change. -->


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Ionic is an open source app development toolkit for building modern, fast, top-quality cross-platform native and Progressive Web Apps from a single codebase with JavaScript and the Web.

Ionic is based on Web Components, which enables significant performance, usability, and feature improvements alongside support for popular web frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.

Ionic Framework is released under the MIT license. PRs welcome! Follow @IonicFramework Official Ionic Discord

Quickstart · Documentation · Contribute · Blog
Community: Discord · Forums · Twitter


Project Package Version Downloads Links
Core @ionic/core version NPM Downloads
Angular @ionic/angular version NPM Downloads
Vue @ionic/vue version NPM Downloads
React @ionic/react version NPM Downloads

Looking for the ionic-angular package? Ionic 3 has been moved to the ionic-v3 repo. See Earlier Versions.

Getting Started

Start a new project by following our quick Getting Started guide. We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or run into issues using our framework, please file an issue on this repository.

Migration Guides

Already have an Ionic app? These guides will help you migrate to the latest versions.


The Ionic Conference App is a full featured Ionic app. It is the perfect starting point for learning and building your own app.


Thanks for your interest in contributing! Read up on our guidelines for contributing and then look through our issues with a help wanted label.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Future Goals

As Ionic Framework components migrate to the web component standard, a goal of ours is to have Ionic Framework easily work within all of the popular frameworks.

Earlier Versions

The source code for earlier versions of the Ionic Framework may exist in other repositories. Please open issues and pull requests in their respective repositories.