Toaster reflow oven controller
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Toaster reflow oven controller. Abandoned project due to some bugs and safety.


Put boards with solder paste in the oven. Press the red button. When the led switches off you can take the boards out or something.


Schematic is in KiCad. Schematic idea is from ST app note "MICROCONTROLLER AND TRIACS ON THE 110/240V MAINS". Reflow profile.

Uses weird temperature sensor. Heats boards to 150 degrees (1.3 kΩ, 3.143V, 41200), keeps there for 1m 10s and heats it up to 220 degrees (1.8 kΩ, 2.75V, 36000) 1m 30s.

Part Value Pack Farnell Code
Attiny13 SO8 1704567
Temp sensor DO-34 1672407
The button 1634684
Screw terminal 3x3.5 mm 3882627
TRIAC 4A DPAK 1757884
X1 capacitor 100 nF 1907253
Fuse 4A 1829558
Diode 8150206
Reservoir capacitor 100 µF 5mm 9452354
Zener diode 5V1 SOD323 8735735