@dbu dbu released this May 2, 2015 · 108 commits to master since this release

  • Validate namespaces in node paths and throws NamespaceException on unknown prefixes.
  • Throw Exception when user tries to select either jcr:path or jcr:score
  • The jackalope:init:dbal command now only really executes when the --force parameter is given.
  • Fixed Property::getNode() can return the same node multiple times if that node was added to the property multiple times. This has the side effect that
  • the array returned by this method is not indexed by uuid anymore. That index was never advertised but might have been used.
  • RepositoryFactoryDoctrineDbal::getRepository now throws a PHPCR\ConfigurationException instead of silently returning null on invalid parameters or missing required parameters.
  • A bunch of bugfixes
  • A bunch of performance tweaks, notably with the CachedClient.