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Free Open Source Thesaurus Database

The Theo Project: Is an easy to use Thesaurus database that doesn’t rely on outside sources so adding to a website is an easy task. Does not use Wordnet or Semantic.

We are producing an open source Mysql database with just 6 columns in one table.

ID Key Extra SYN ANT upd

Key contains a single word

Extra word type verb Noun Adjective etc

Syn are the synonyms

Ant are the antonyms

Upd is used internally by us to determine if we have modified the entry.

Included is sample code to access the database however please note that the samples should not be used in a production environment as they have not been hardened and very little error checking is included.

The downloads for the current database ( sql file) are located at

There is no Login or signup up needed just go to the download section and get the file

We are currently updating and modifying the database. This is a huge investment in manhours and as such we are looking for donations to keep this project going and active.