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Example Meteor presentation for MadJS
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See [Presentation] (

You can run through this demo code:

###Install Meteor

    curl | sh

###Get Code

    git clone
    cd meteor-presentation

###See Branches

    git branch -a

###Checkout Initial Branch

    git checkout 00-init-state

###Start Meteor

    meteor --port 3010

Open app in Browser

###Increment Branches

    git checkout 01-add-database-model-insecure
    git checkout 02-add-database-model
    git checkout 05-added-iron-router-removed-autopublish
    git checkout 08-add-accounts-and-bootstrap
    git checkout 10-add-autoform-schema-moment-for-blog
    # The next one is just for performance testing
    git checkout 12-added-input-for-number-of-click-counters

###Try Meteor Update

	meteor update
	meteor --port 3010

Meteor Questions Answered

How to use Meteor + Bootstrap:

  • Simple way: meteor add bootstrap

This demo code uses a variant of the "Better way"

Regarding "Gotchas", trouble areas, or drawbacks:

  • The compile order is definitely something to review.
    • Once you understand it and structure your code appropriately, it is reasonable.
  • When searching online, such as on StackOverflow, you will see references to mrt or meteorite.
    • You will need to translate those comments as appropriate.
    • Meteor refactored around version 0.8, as it became more mature.
    • I have found it to be quite stable as it hit 1.0 release.
  • Meteor updates fairly frequently.
    • On rare occasion, you may have issues with third party packages.
    • You should, of course, thoroughly test before publicly deploying.

Regarding Deployment:

  • You can deploy (for testing purposes) on
  • You can use Meteor Up
    • Meteor Up is great for publishing/hosting on your own servers/Linux on the cloud.
  • Cloud providers, etc...


You can find documentation online

I find the documentation to be quite complete and well maintained.

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