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.config New day theme Apr 26, 2016
.i3 eject = stop clementine playback on apple keyboards Jul 3, 2016
.ipython/profile_default Update settings Sep 30, 2017
.pip Adds pip download cache May 1, 2015
bin Control brightness of backlight Aug 19, 2015
dotbot @ c402396 Update dotbot submodule Feb 15, 2016
ranger Yet more customizations Jul 9, 2014
to-install Prune some more packages Jul 15, 2018
.chrome-remote-desktop-session Remote session file ✔️ May 1, 2015
.gitconfig Shortcuts for git-lfs Feb 23, 2018
.gitignore Ignore .sug files from vim Feb 23, 2018
.gitmodules Making it portable. Install anywhere May 1, 2015
.i3status.conf Correct path to cpu temperature for Ubuntu 14.04 setup Jul 27, 2015
.ideavimrc Try to at least use some of my vim settings in android studio Apr 9, 2016
.jshintrc use esversion 6 as default Apr 8, 2018
.profile Organize, organize, organize =] Jul 30, 2014
.tern-config Fix global tern configuration file for nodejs Aug 7, 2016
.tmux.conf Update settings Sep 30, 2017
.vimrc Configure vim for react stuff May 29, 2018
.zshrc Nativescript tns completion Jul 15, 2018
.zshrc.pre-antigen Organize, organize, organize =] Jul 30, 2014
alsa-base.conf USB sound issues resolved[hopefully permanent] Dec 19, 2014
antigen.zsh Organize, organize, organize =] Jul 30, 2014
default.conf.yaml use esversion 6 as default Apr 8, 2018
i3-exit Call custom i3lock just before suspending Feb 27, 2015
i3status.conf Testing Vundle Jul 26, 2014
install Additional platform specific installation config Oct 1, 2016
install.conf.yaml Separate requirements/packages/libs to be installed Oct 30, 2016
mac.conf.yaml Install macvim everytime instead Apr 8, 2018 Update Jul 25, 2015

My Dotfiles


I use pretty much everything out of the box but I've made some customizations to enhance my workflow which I'll try to explain in a bit ;).


You should review any files you decide to include in your personal dotfiles. I'll try as much as possible to explain them as comments in the corresponding files. If there's any thing you need further explanation as to how it works and/or what it does, please open an issue so we iron out the kinks. Thanks!


  • Set zsh as login shell:

    chsh -s $(which zsh)
  • Vim compiled with python


git clone
cd dotfiles

Note, the install script can be run multiple times. It's safe :) Under the hood, all it's really doing is symlinking the appropriate files into place using install.conf.yaml.

Uses dotbot ;)

Restart your shell for changes to take effect and to install and set up antigen. Or just source your .zshrc file for the changes to kick in:

source .zshrc

Also to install Vundle Bundles, run the command below:

vim +BundleInstall +qall

Window Manager


Nothing fancy and no hassle using conky here. Just load fontawesome and you're good to go.

my i3 bar


This is explained a bit more into detail at:

Again Vundle handles my Vim plugins.

My Vim config is optimised to make working with the following easier:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Jinja
  • TypeScript
  • Markdown
  • Java(sometimes)
  • various configuration files

Python-specific plugins

  • jedi-vim, awesome Python autocompletion with Vim
  • [vim-jinja][], jinja support
  • vim-virtualenv, for Python virtualenv support
  • python-mode, static analysis, refactoring, folding, completion, documentation, etc
  • vim-flake8, static syntax and style checker for Python

IDE-like Enhancements


In Vim I use the Mustang colour scheme

My terminal uses a variant of monokai, spiderman, the hulk or chalk depending on my mood :) and probably because they blend in nicely with my bullet train zsh theme.