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Getting Support

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Getting help

  1. Read our wiki to find answers to the most common questions.

  2. There is a 'jgrapht' tag on Stackoverflow (SO)- Ensure you understand the SO FAQ and posting guidelines prior to posting. Make sure you add the jgrapht tag to your post, or we might not see it...

  3. Write a message to our mailing list. Please don't cross-post to both stackoverflow, the mailing list and the issue tracker: be patient.

  4. Stay informed on new releases via the announce mailing list.

Bugs, issues, feature requests

  • Report bugs via our issue tracker. The same tracker can be used to request features/enhancements. If you are reporting a bug, please describe a reproducing scenario. If possible, attach a small program with a description of what is wrong and needs fixing. If you need a bug fixed really urgently, use the forcesource...
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