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SWF Documentation

  • SWF File Format Specification (version 19): swf-file-format-spec.pdf
  • ActionScript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) Overview: avm2overview.pdf
  • List of all AVM2 instructions: as3_pcode_instructions.en.html (JPEXS)
    This can be generated from decompiler itself by running with commandline arguments:
    ffdec.jar -doc -type as3.pcode.instructions -out as3_pcode_instructions.en.html -locale en
  • SWF Tags - - List of all SWF tags even undocumented
  • Summary of the AVM2 instructions: link (retrieved on 2015-09-19)

Other similar software

Useful tools with no funds needed.


If money is no problem for you, maybe following decompilers will be handy too: