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How to install


  • download EXE installer and follow instructions
  • you need Java 8 or later to run the app (see below)

Linux debian based

  • download and install DEB package
  • it depends on Java 8 or later from Oracle or OpenJDK (see below)
  • to run application, start

other Linux

  • ensure you have Java 8 or later installed (Both OpenJDK and Oracle should work)
  • download ZIP version
  • unpack it to directory of your needs
  • to run application, start

Mac OS X

  • ensure you have Oracle JDK8 or later installed (see below)
  • download Mac OS X Application (zipped)
  • in Finder, right click downloaded file and select Open. Message that FFDec comes from unidentified developer will appear. Click Open button in that dialog. (Look on tutorial on iMore website)
  • optional: Mac OS X Installer (pkg) is also available for download.

others with Java SE 8 or later

  • download ZIP version
  • unpack it to directory of your needs.
  • to run application, run java -jar ffdec.jar in the app directory.


If the application won't start, it may be caused by missing Java. You can download Java on

Java 8 or later is required.

How to uninstall


  • go to startmenu and from the JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler group, click on Uninstall JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler icon and follow directions.

Linux debian based

  • uninstall deb package as you usually do - sudo dpkg -r ffdec should probably do the trick.

others installed from ZIP

  • just delete FFDec directory/app