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Five second introduction to KiwiDB

The hard facts:

  • KiwiDB is an embedded document database
  • KiwiDB supports indices for fast lookup very much like MongoDB
  • KiwiDB support efficient searches very much like MongoDB
  • KiwiDB is failsafe very much like CouchDB
  • KiwiDB can be accessed concurrently from any number of processes/threads
  • KiwiDB requires zero installation, zero configuration, zero upgrading, zero deployment
  • KiwiDB works great and seamless in TDD

Quick examples for the really eager

Check this out.

Quick links for the coder

How do I manage stuff in the database?

How do I find stuff in the database?

How do I manage performance using indices?

How do I manage an object model that varies with demands and over time?

How is performance?

Quick links for the stakeholders

How is performance?

How about consistency and safety?

Why not use any of the all the existing database solutions?

Why not. Use them. Some of them are great. But KiwiDB can fill a niche if you

  • like the concept of document databases
  • want to keep the database abstraction real enough for that bad ass unit testing you just cant do with <insert your favourite database name here>
  • dont want OR Mapping, or
  • dont want to work with ADO.NET
  • dont want to rely on a client/server database solution