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Planter Monitor Source

This is the code necessary to interact with the IOIO board. (Please see circuit diagram and Also included is a basic UI to monitor your row units. The Farm Chief monitor module is Patent protected. IT MAY BE REPRODUCED FOR INDIVIDUAL USE. FOR COMMERCIAL REPRODUCTION please email for licensing.

To build a project using this code you will need to create an Android Project with the following libraries:

  1. IOIOlib -- Contains IOIO API. See for cloning this library.

  2. IOIObt -- Required for Bluetooth interaction with Planter Monitor. See for cloning this library.


  1. Google Play Services Library -- See

These libraries require you to register your Application and obtain an API key from the Google Developer Console.

  1. Google Geo Calculator Library -- See


--The BaseIOIOLooper method is where you will do most of your calls to the IOIO board. You will OPEN your digital input or output channels here.

--Create a Looper class that extends the BaseIOIOLooper. Preferably you would want to make a thread for each input that you plan on using. In this example there are 8 to represent each row being monitored.

--setup() - You can open your channels. For example: PulseInput input1_ = ioio_.openPulseInput(new DigitalInput.Spec(1,Mode.PULL_DOWN), ClockRate.RATE_62KHz, PulseMode.FREQ, false);

Please see IOIO documentation for specific parameters. The biggest thing to note is that setting PulseMode to FREQ allows the channels to monitor the frequency of your input. This is key to determining planting rates and population. The PULL_DOWN mode is required because the board can't indicate a frequency of 0 when there is no input. Because of the pull of the board to 0V in this mode you will need to MAKE SURE that you use the diode in the schematic or your op amp will not work correctly.

The apk file above is an older version of Farm Sprayer GPS. It includes a working 8 row planter monitor UI.