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Redshift 1.9

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@jonls jonls released this 06 Apr 19:15
· 354 commits to master since this release
  • Use improved color scheme provided by Ingo Thies.
  • Add drm driver which will apply adjustments on linux consoles (Mattias Andrée).
  • Remove deprecated GNOME clock location provider.
  • Set proc title for redshift-gtk (Linux/BSD) (Philipp Hagemeister).
  • Show current temperature, location and status in GUI.
  • Add systemd user unit files so that redshift can be used with systemd as a session manager (Henry de Valence).
  • Use checkbox to toggle Redshift in GUI (Mattias Andrée).
  • Gamma correction is applied after brightness and temperature (Mattias Andrée).
  • Use XDG Base Directory Specification when looking for configuration file (Mattias Andrée).
  • Load config from %LOCALAPPDATA%\redshift.conf on Windows (TingPing).
  • Add RPM spec for Fedora in contrib.
  • redshift-gtk has been ported to Python3 and new PyGObject bindings for Python.