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Releases: jonls/redshift

Redshift 1.12

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  • Change location providers to allow updates. GeoClue and CoreLocation now provide continuous location updates.
  • Allow time-based configuration i.e. setting the redness effect based on time of day instead of based on the elevation of the sun. See the man page for more information.
  • Now looks for the configuration file in ~/.config/redshift/redshift.conf (or ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/redshift/redshift.conf) if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set. The old location at ~/.config/redshift.conf is deprecated but still searched as a fall back.
  • Run hooks when enabling/disabling Redshift.
  • Default temperatures changed to 6500K during daytime and 4500K during night.
  • With randr, allow multiple but not all CRTCs to be redshifted.
  • Removes deprecated original GeoClue location provider (use GeoClue 2 instead).
  • The option for enabling the short fade between color effects is now called fade instead of transition in the configuration file. The term transition caused a lot of confusion about what this option does (the old option still works but is deprecated).
  • The preserve option is enabled by default for vidmode, randr, Windows (w32gdi) and macOS (quartz). The option is now controlled by the -P command line option.
  • Work around issue where Windows adjustments sometimes fail.
  • Install AppArmor profile.
  • quartz: Fix incorrect use of display identifier.
  • Various bug fixes and updated translations.

Redshift 1.11

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  • Add option preserve for gamma adjustment methods (randr, vidmode, quartz, w32gdi) to apply redness on top of current gamma correction.
  • Fix #158: Add redshift.desktop file to resolve an issue where Geoclue2 would not allow redshift to obtain the current location (Laurent Bigonville)
  • Fix #263: Make sure that the child process is terminated when redshift-gtk exits.
  • Fix #284: A sample configuation file has been added to the distribution tarball.
  • Fix warning message in redshift-gtk that is some cases caused redshift-gtk to fail (#271) (Christian Stadelmann, Javier Cantero)
  • Fix #174: Use nanosleep() for sleeping to avoid high CPU load on platforms (NetBSD, ...) with limitations in usleep() (Piotr Meyer)
  • Various updates to man page and translations.

Redshift 1.10

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  • Fix #80: Add Geoclue2 location provider.
  • Add CoreLocation (OSX) location provider and Quartz (OSX) gamma
    adjustment method.
  • Add hooks for user actions on period switch.
  • Be less verbose when color values/period did not change.
  • Add config setting to set gamma separately for day/night.
  • Add support for custom transition start and end elevation (Mattias
  • redshift-gtk: Show errors from child process in a dialog.
  • Fix #95: Add AppData file for package managers.
  • Use gettimeofday if POSIX timers not available (add support for
  • Fix #41: Do not jump to 0 % or 100 % when changing direction of
    transition (Mattias Andrée).
  • redshift-gtk: Relay USR1 signal to redshift process.
  • redshift-gtk: Notify desktop about startup completion.
  • Fix: systemd unit files were built from the wrong source.
  • Fix #90: Print N/S and E/W in the location (Mattias Andrée).
  • Fix #112: redshift-gtk: Do not buffer lines from child indefinitely.
  • Fix #105: Limit decimals in displayed location to two.
  • Update dependencies listed in (emilf, Kees Hink).
  • Fix: Make desktop file translatable.
  • Add Travis CI build script.

Redshift 1.9.1

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  • Fix: Do not distribute redshift-gtk, only
  • Fix: Geoclue support should pull in Glib as dependency.
  • geoclue: Fix segfault when error is NULL (Mattias Andrée).
  • geoclue: Set DISPLAY=:0 to work around issue when outside X (Mattias Andrée).
  • redshift-gtk: Fix crash when toggling state using the status icon.
  • redshift-gtk: Fix line splitting logic (Maks Verver).

Redshift 1.9

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  • Use improved color scheme provided by Ingo Thies.
  • Add drm driver which will apply adjustments on linux consoles (Mattias Andrée).
  • Remove deprecated GNOME clock location provider.
  • Set proc title for redshift-gtk (Linux/BSD) (Philipp Hagemeister).
  • Show current temperature, location and status in GUI.
  • Add systemd user unit files so that redshift can be used with systemd as a session manager (Henry de Valence).
  • Use checkbox to toggle Redshift in GUI (Mattias Andrée).
  • Gamma correction is applied after brightness and temperature (Mattias Andrée).
  • Use XDG Base Directory Specification when looking for configuration file (Mattias Andrée).
  • Load config from %LOCALAPPDATA%\redshift.conf on Windows (TingPing).
  • Add RPM spec for Fedora in contrib.
  • redshift-gtk has been ported to Python3 and new PyGObject bindings for Python.


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v1.8 (2013-10-21)

  • IMPORTANT: gtk-redshift has changed name to redshift-gtk.
  • Fix crash when starting geoclue provider. (Thanks to Maks Verver)
  • Fix slight flicker int gamme ramp values (Sean Hildebrand)
  • Add redshift-gtk option to suspend for a short time period (Jendrik Seipp).
  • Add print mode (prints parameters and exits) by Vincent Breitmoser.
  • Set buffering on stdout and stderr to line-buffered.
  • Allow separate brightness for day and night (Olivier Fabre and Jeremy Erickson).
  • Fix various crashes/bugs/typos (Benjamin Kerensa and others)