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🎵 Lyrics for your current Spotify song, online
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What is Genify?

Ever wanted to sing along to the current song but couldn't find the lyrics quick enough? This tool can fix that! I've integrated Spotify connectivity to Genius to show the lyrics so you can spend more time singing and less time searching online 😉
TL;DR: I got tired of Spotify not having this integrated, so I did it myself

CORS Issue

To make REST Api calls, we need to use a proxy that adds the CORS headers to the request, since we're doing it from a static page on Github Pages. To do that, I'm using Rob-W's Cors-Anywhere proxy server hosted on Heroku.

Proxy Site:

Lyric Romanization

If the lyrics of the current song are in Korean, Chinese or Japanese, you can translate the lyrics to their roman equivalent. The following libraries are used to do that

Korean <-> Romaja: Aromanjize-JS by Fujaru

Chinese <-> Pinyin: Pinyin4JS by SuperBiger

Japanese <-> Romanji: Coming soon...


If you want to support my open source work, please consider buying me a coffee (or two! ;D)

Supporter of Brave & BAT - Tips welcome!

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