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Theme: removed obsolete vendor-specific prefixes #845

wants to merge 6 commits into from

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Closes #8834, also removed some redundant lines

This pull request should only consist of commits 1b0d71d and 275833e. But it is somehow showing more... What did I do wrong? (I thought pulling from upstream before pushing would prevent that, but it doesn't.)

selfthinker added some commits Nov 20, 2012
@selfthinker selfthinker CSS: Reformatted CSS to use better coding standard
Using the following coding standard makes the CSS much more readable and easier to handle (e.g. copying and pasting or commenting rules) and also makes it easier to identify the differences between commits:

selector {
	property: value;
	property: value;
@selfthinker selfthinker CSS: condensed opacity lines to fix ThemeRoller setting 74979a1
@selfthinker selfthinker Merge branch 'master' of
@selfthinker selfthinker Merge branch 'master' of 1263886
@selfthinker selfthinker CSS: removed some redundant lines 1b0d71d
@selfthinker selfthinker Theme: removed obsolete vendor-specific prefixes. Closes #8834 275833e
jQuery Foundation member

The problem is that you're using your local master branch. You should create a new branch for every bug/feature you work on. Pull requests are tied to the branch they come from, and will show all commits that diverge from the branch you're asking us to merge in to.

If you want to try again, we can help you with any problems you have. Otherwise, we can just fix this on our end when we land the commits and work through any issues that might crop up with future pull requests. This looks good to me, so I'm fine either way; just let us know.


Ah, okay, that makes sense. If you could fix this one on your end, that would be great. I will use feature branches in the future then. Thanks for the explanation, and sorry for the mess.

jQuery Foundation member

Thanks @selfthinker! Landed in c4b7c75

@mikesherov mikesherov closed this Nov 27, 2012
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