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FAST - Football Analytical and Statistical Tool

FAST logo

This is a team project for our advanced Java course at Masaryk University. It is a simple tool to keep records of football players, teams, matches and goals during a single league season.


  • fast-api - contains JPA entities, data access object interfaces, service interfaces and data transfer objects
  • fast-app - contains an implementation of fast-api, using JPA with Eclipse Link
  • fast-web - is a web presentation layer for fast-app, which uses action-based Stripes framework
  • fast-cli - is a command line tool to access data from fast-web via REST. For details on how to use it see below.

Building and Testing

This project uses Maven, so in order to build it, just run:

cd PA165; mvn install

The project can be easily deployed locally using embedded glassfish:

cd PA165; mvn verify -Dlocal

provided that there are jars in the target directories. The web app will be accessible here: http://localhost:8080/pa165 After deploying locally, you can run fast-cli in interactive mode to test it out:

cd PA165; mvn verify -Dcli

FAST Command Line Interface Tool

The tool is not interactive, however it contains interactive mode (see below). The CLI works by interpreting a token which does not begin with -- as a command. The command can be then followed by its arguments in a form --name [value]. The arguments can be followed by a subcommand with it's own arguments and so on. Each command can be run with --help argument to display help message.


java -jar [...] --help

Displays a help message (or a one similar to):

FAST CLI Tool Help
Available subcommands:
 team - display, create and edit teams
 player - display, create and edit players
 interactive - run in interactive mode
Available arguments:
 --uri - (required) uri of the rest service

You can display table of teams, for examle, by running:

java -jar [...] --uri "http://localhost:8080/pa165/rest" team select

where select is a subcommand of team command.

Interactive mode

Can be run by executing:

java -jar [...] --uri [...] interactive

The program then basically remembers the --uri of the resource and accepts subsequent commands in a loop without the need to enter it each time. Example:

$java -jar [...] --uri [...] interacive
Interactive CLI. (type 'help' for info, 'quit' to exit):
> team create --name "FC Java"
Team 'FC Java' created successfully!
> team select
| id |    name |
|  1 | FC Java |
Total 1 row(s).
> quit
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