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Koodo Reader

A cross-platform ebook reader



  • Format support:
    • EPUB (.epub)
    • PDF (.pdf)
    • DRM-free Mobipocket (.mobi) and Kindle (.azw3, .azw)
    • Plain text (.txt)
    • FictionBook (.fb2)
    • Comic book archive (.cbr, .cbz, .cbt, .cb7)
    • Rich text (.md, .docx)
    • Hyper Text (.html, .xml, .xhtml, .mhtml, .htm, .htm)
  • Platform support: Windows, macOS, Linux and Web
  • Save your data to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, S3 Compatible
  • Customize the source folder and synchronize among multiple devices using OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.
  • Single-column, two-column, or continuous scrolling layouts
  • Text-to-speech, translation, dictionary, touch screen support, batch import
  • Add bookmarks, notes, highlights to your books
  • Adjust font size, font family, line-spacing, paragraph spacing, background color, text color, margins, and brightness
  • Night mode and theme color
  • Text highlight, underline, boldness, italics and shadow


  • Desktop Version:
    • Stable Version (Recommended): Download
    • Developer version: Download ( With new feature and bug fix, but may induce some unknown bugs)
  • Web Version:Preview
  • Install with Scoop:
scoop bucket add extras
scoop install extras/koodo-reader
  • Install with Winget:
winget install -e AppbyTroye.KoodoReader
  • Install with Homebrew:
brew install --cask koodo-reader
  • Install with Docker:
docker-compose up -d
  • Install with Flathub:
flatpak install flathub io.github.troyeguo.koodo-reader
flatpak run io.github.troyeguo.koodo-reader

Download on Flathub


List mode

Cover mode

Reader menu

Dark mode


Make sure that you have installed yarn and git

  1. Download the repo

    git clone
  2. Enter desktop mode

    yarn dev
  3. Enter web mode

    yarn start


Edit current language

  1. Select your target language from the following list.

  2. Click the view button to examine the source file. The untranslated terms are listed at the bottom of each file.

  3. Translate the terms to your target language based on the given English reference

  4. Sumbit the translation file or just translation snippets based on the amount of your translation to this link. Pull request is also welcomed.

Language(A-Z) Code View
Arabic ar View
Armenian hy View
Bengali bn View
Bulgarian bg View
Chinese (CN) zh-CN View
Chinese (MO) zh-MO View
Chinese (TW) zh-TW View
Czech cs View
Danish da View
Dutch nl View
English en View
Esperanto eo View
Finnish fi View
French fr View
German de View
Greek el View
Indonesian id View
Interlingue ie View
Italian it View
Japanese ja View
Korean ko View
Persian fa View
Polish pl View
Portuguese pt View
Portuguese (BR) pt-BR View
Romanian ro View
Russian ru View
Slovenian sl View
Spanish es View
Swedish sv View
Tamil ta View
Thai th View
Tibetan bo View
Turkish tr View
Ukrainian uk View
Vietnamese vi View

Add new language

  1. If you can't find your target language from the above list, Download the Engish source file from this link

  2. When you finish translation, submit the source file to this link. Pull request is also welcomed.