Style React Native components using CSS, PostCSS, Sass, Less or Stylus.
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React Native CSS modules

Quick links: FeaturesDocumentationExamplesDevelopment


React Native does not offer any kind of built-in support for loading CSS from .css files and using it for styling.

So far the only way has been to use React Native's style property or any of the available CSS-in-JS libraries. Now you can use className property and keep your styles in separate CSS files.

You can style React Native components using CSS, PostCSS, Sass, Less or Stylus.



To see which new features are being planned and what is in progress, please have a look at the development board.

If you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug, please open a new issue.

Example Apps

Have a look at the example apps to see how you can use CSS modules for both React Native and Web using the same code.


📚 Basic setup

📚 Other setup docs

📚 Other documentation

Special thanks

The idea for React Native CSS modules comes from these projects that have made a lot of work for supporting CSS and CSS modules in React Native: css-to-react-native and react-native-sass-classname. A big thanks to them!