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This repo contains binaries that built from libraries in cli-runtime.
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This repo will contains binaries that built from libraries in cli-runtime.


This repo can build a binary cli-utils by

GO111MODULE=on go generate
GO111MODULE=on go build 

Note that the binary name has not been finally decided yet and is subject to change. Currently there are following candidates:

(other better name)

It provides following builtin commands as well as dynamic commands.

  cli-utils [command]

Available Commands:
  apply       Apply resource configurations.
  delete      Delete resources from a Kubernetes cluster.
  help        Help about any command
  prune       Prune obsolete resources.

apply has a status subcommand, which can display status for resources.

All of those commands can be run on a kustomization directory or a directory with raw Kubernetes yaml file.

# apply a kustomization directory to cluster
./cli-utils --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config apply cmd/test-manifests/hello

# display the status
./cli-utils --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config apply status cmd/test-manifests/hello --wait --every 2 --count 30

# delete the applied resources
./cli-utils --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config delete cmd/test-manifests/hello

# apply with watching for status
./cli-utils --kubeconfig ~/.kube/config apply status cmd/test-manifests/hello


You can also use cli-utils as a library. It provides a library to run apply, status, prune and delete on a list of Unstructured resources.

import (
 c := pkg.InitializeCmd(io.Stdout, nil)
 var resources []unstructured.Unstructured
 err := c.Apply(resources)
 err = c.Status(resources)
 err = c.Prune(resources)
 err = c.Delete(resources)


TODO: add examples

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